Speculum Gy de Warewyke

General notes

Herkneþ alle to my speche, {f.39ra} View Facsimile
And hele of soule I may ou teche.
Þat I wole speke, it is no fable,
Ac hit is swiþe profitable.
5000 Man, if þu wolt heuene winne,
Þurw loue to God þu most biginne.
Þus shal ben þi biginning:
Þu loue God ouer alle þing
¶ And þin emcristene loue also,
1000 Riht as þiself þu most do.
If þu wolt þus biginne and ende,
Þu miht be seker to heuene wende;
Ac, if þu louest more worldes god
Þan God him self in þi mod,
1500 Þu shalt hit finde an yuel plawe;
To deþ of soule it wole þe drawe.
¶ For, whan þe world þe haþ ikauht
And in his paunter þurw his drauht,
Al at his wille he wole þe lede.
2000 Ne shaltu spare for no drede,
Ne for loue to God, ne for his eiȝe,
To gon out of þe rihte weye;
¶ For swiche beþ þat loueþ more
Þe world and his foule lore,
2500 Þan þeih don God þat hem wrouhte {f.39rb} View Facsimile
And on þe rode dere bouhte.
¶ Herof I wole a while dwelle,
And a tale I wole ȝou telle
Off an eorl of gode fame –
3000 Gy of Warwyk was his name –
Hou on a time he stod in þouht:
Þe worldes blisse him þouhte noht.
Þe world anon he þer forsok
And to Ihesu Crist him tok,
3500 And louede God and his lore
And in his seruise was euere more.
¶ A god man þer was in þilke dawe,
Þat liuede al in godes lawe;
Alquin was his rihte name,
4000 And man he was of gode fame.
Dekne he was, and þe ordre he hadde;
In holinesse his lyf he ladde;
Wit of clergie he hadde inouh,
Þerfore to godnesse euere he drouh.
4500 ¶ Off him þe eorl was wel war,
Þerfore his wille to him [he] bar,
And of him he tok his red,
¶ To kepen his soule from þe qued.
¶ On a day, I vnderstonde, {f.39va} View Facsimile
5000 Sire Gy þe eorl sente his sonde
To þe holi man Alquin
And seide ‘[I] grete þe wel, fader myn,
And preie þe for Godes loue
Þat us alle sit aboue,
5500 Þat þu wole, par charite
And in amendement of me,
¶ Make me a god sarmoun
And don hit write in lescȝoun;
Þat were my ioye and my delit
6000 And to my soule a gret profyt;
For þe world þurw his foule gile
Haþ me lad to longe while.
Þerof I wole consail take,
Hu I mihte þe world forsake.’
6500 ¶ Alquin þe eorl þo answerede,
And Ihesu Crist ful ȝerne he heriede,
Þat swich a wit was comen him to
And seide ‘his preie I wole do.
And I shal be þi leche,
7000 Aller furst I wole þe teche,
Faire uertuȝ for to take
And foule þewes to forsake.
¶ Þat maitou noht don, leue broþer,
Bote þu knowe on and oþer;
7500 I shal þe now shewe boþe,
Whiche beþ gode and whiche beþ loþe; {f.39vb} View Facsimile
¶ And at þe beste I wole biginne,
Þe betre grace for to winne.
Þe uertuȝ I wole first shewe,
8000 Whiche þeih beþ, alle on rewe.
Wisdom in Godes drede
Vse wel, þat be my rede;
Trewe bileue and charite –
Þise sholen bileue wid þe –
8500 Stedefast hope and mieknesse,
Pes, merci, and forȝifnes,
¶ Loue of herte, ful of pite,
Þat is verray humilite.
And þu wolt haue Godes ore,
9000 ȝit þu most vse more,
For þi sinne repentaunce,
And redi þerfore to don penaunce
Wid sorwe at þin herte rote,
And shrifte of mouþe shal be þi bote.
9500 In almes dede and charite
Þi lyf shal euere more be.
¶ Þise beþ þe þewes þat I þe teche,
Wharþurw þu miht to heuene reche,
And so þu miht þe world forsake,
1000 If þu hem wolt to þe take.
¶ Nu I wole nempne þe wicke þewes,
Þat beþ noht gode ac muche shrewes,
For if þu dost bi here red, {f.40ra} View Facsimile
To strong pine þeih wolen þe led;
1050 ¶ Þanne is hit god þat þu shone
To drawe hem into þi wone.
Herkne nouþe to me,
And I hem wole nempne þe:
Pride, wraþþe, and enuie,
1100 Fals iugement and tricherie;
Fals witnesse is on of þo –
Many a soule itt doþ ful wo.
Loue noht to muche þis worldes blisse;
Hit bringeþ man to þisternesse,
1150 ¶ Auarice and glotonye,
Wicke sleuþe and leccherie.
Accedie is a wel foul sinne
To man þat he may come widinne,
And what it is I wole þe wisse;
1200 Vnderstond, þat þu ne misse.
¶ Accedie is as sleuþes broþer,
Wicke on and wicke oþer;
Hit is a derne mour[n]ing in mod
And makeþ man anuied to do god.
1250 Offte þurw swiche wicke mourning
Wanhope beginneþ for to spring,
Þat, bote man turne awey þerfro,
Sauued worþ he neuere mo.
¶ Wroþerhele was Iudas born,
1300 For þurw þat sinne he was lorn; {f.40rb} View Facsimile
Merci he les þurw þat sinne,
Wherþurw he ne mihte no ioye winne.
¶ Vch man birede him in his sihte
To flen þat sinne bi his mihte
1350 And alle oþere þat I haue nempt,
If he wole to ioye be dempt.

Herkne now to my sarmoun,
What I wole telle in my lescȝoun.
Wisdom in Godes drede,
1400 Off which þat I erere seide,
¶ Tweie þinges it wole þe teche,
Wharþurw þu miht to heuene reche:
Þat is, lat þi sinne and do god
For his loue, þat deiede on rod;
1450 ¶ Ac to late þi sinne al onliche
Nis noht inouh, sikerliche.
Þu most don god forþ þerwid,
If þu wolt haue merci and griþ.
¶ Þis wonder of many sinful men
1500 Þat þinkeþ it were muchel for hem
To haue gret worldes honour,
As londes, rentes, halle, and bour,
Riche vessel of siluer and gold
And grete tresor and faire bold,
1550 ¶ Riche mete and riche drink,
And litel þerfore for to swink,
Hele of bodi in bon and huide, {f.40va} View Facsimile
And gret los of pompe and pride.
A murie lyf hem þinkeþ þis were,
1600 But eft hit worþ ibouht wel dere,

Quia nihil infelicius quam felicitas peccatoris.

Naþeles hit may falle wel,
Þat þouh man haue muche katel,
As londes, rentes, and oþer god,
ȝit he may ben pore of mod
1650 And low of herte, ful iwis,
And halt þerof ful litel prys.
¶ Ac nu I wole speke and rede
Off hem þat I erere seide,
Þat þurw here pride and here wil
1700 Þeih fallen ofte in gret peril.
Seint Austin halt þermide noht
And seiþ it shal ben dere bouht,
And skilfulliche it mot be so,
For whan a man haþ sinne do,
1750 Oþer he mot hit beten here
Or suffre pine elleswhere.
¶ Wole ȝe here what louerede
God kudde to hem þat wole him drede?

1800 ..... ..... ...... .....

He wole hem chasten wid smale pining
And maken hem lese þat hote brenning;
And many anguisse he wole hem ȝiue
To suffre here whiles þeih liue, {f.40vb} View Facsimile
1850 ¶ As hunger and þurst and trauail strong;
Hij sholen haue euere among
Lore of catel and seknesse,
And al is to echen here blisse.
Man, if þu ne leuest noht me,
1900 Þu sek aboute, and þu miht se
Þise holi men alle bidene,
How þeih liuede in wo and tene.
And if my tale nis noht forȝete,
Þanne maitou wel iwite,
1950 Þat þe worldes blisse is noht,
Whan þu hast abouten souht;
¶ For ȝif a man haþ her his wille,
Wel lihtliche he may spille.
Her I wole nouþe blinne.
2000 Anoþer þing I wole biginne
To speke, man, of þi bileue,
For hit is god, it wole noht greue.
Man, þi bileue shal be so:
Þat o God is and no mo,
2050 Þat o God is in vnite,
Þre persones in trinite.
¶ Þu shalt, [man], bileue also
And treuliche in þin herte do,
Þat God had neuere biginning
2100 Ne neuere ne shal haue ending,
¶ And shappere is of alle shaftes, {f.41ra} View Facsimile
And ȝeueþ wit in alle craftes,
And made man after his owen face –
Nas þat gret loue of heih grace?
2150 And ȝaf to man fre power
To chese boþe fer and ner
Off god and yuel shed to make,
Þe euel to late and god to take.
Wheiþer he wole chese he haþ power,
2200 Þurw ȝifte of God, while he is her;
Þanne is hit noht on God ilong,
If man wole chese to don wrong.
¶ Adam was þe forme man,
Þat euere singyn bigan,
2250 And þat was God to wite noht,
Þerfore hit haþ ben dere bouht.
God ȝaf him wit as his owen,
God and yuel for to knowen,
Ac þurw eging of þe fend and Eue
2300 He dede a sinne þat gan him greue.
¶ Vnboxomnesse was his gilt,
Þerfore out of paradys he was [pylt].
Boxomere he was to his wif,
Þan to God þat ȝaf him lyf;
2350 And for he dede after hire lore,
He bouhte hit siþþen swiþe sore.
¶ His fredom was binomen him al
And put in seruage as a þral; {f.41rb} View Facsimile
¶ Noht one he, bute alle þo
2400 Þat of him comen for euere mo.
Ac for hit was þurw gile don,
God ȝaf his pite þervpon,
And eke for loue þat he hade
To man, þat he himselue made,
2450 To sauue man, man he bicam,
And pine for hem to him he nam,
And ȝaf for hem his herte-blod,
And deiede for hem on þe rod.
¶ Ibiried he was, in toumbe he lay,
2500 Til hit com þe þridde day;
Vp he ros þe þridde day
From deþ to liue widoute nay;
To heuene he steih þurw his mihte,
Riht into his faderes sihte,
2550 And sit on his faderes riht side,
Þe grete dom for to abide.
Þider he wole come on domesday,
Cruwel and sterne widoute nay,
¶ He þat was woned to be
2600 Meke as a lomb, ful of pite,
Þeder he wole lihten adoun
Wraþfful and sterne as a lioun.
Merci nele he shewe non,
¶ Ac riht after þat man haþ don,
2650 He shal fonge his iugement {f.41va} View Facsimile
To ioye or to strong turment.
¶ Allas! what sholen hij onne take,
Þat wolden her god forsake
Þurw sinne of fleshes liking,
2700 And wolde hit bete wid no pining?
Þerfore þeih sholen into helle,
Wheiþer þeih wolen or þeih nelle,
And þere bileue euere mo,
In also strong pine as men may do.
2750 Seint Austin spekeþ of alle swiche
And seiþ wordes reuliche

Habent mortem sine morte et finem mortis sine fine.

“Hij sholen haue deþ widoute deiing
And point of deþ widouten ending;”
Here deþ hij sholen wilnen euere,
2800 Ac to ende of deþ comen hij neuere;
Hij sholen euere more duire
In stronge pine of hote fire.
Her I wole nouþe dwelle,
And of mursȝere þinge ȝou telle.
2850 ¶ Tellen I wole, ful iwis,
Off þe ioyes of paradys,
Whiche Godes children þat gode be
Sholen haue and ise;
Ac þouh I hadde in my bayli
2900 Þe wit of alle clergy,
¶ Mihte hit neuere so bifalle, {f.41vb} View Facsimile
Þat I mihte telle alle.
Ac, also God ȝif me grace,
I shal ȝou shewe in þis place,
2950 What ioie þeih sholen han ifere,
Þat seruen God on eorþe here.
Whan þeih sholen parten henne,
Ful wel þeih sholen here weie kenne
Riht to þe blisse of paradys,
3000 Þat God haþ ȝarked to alle his.
¶ Þere is euere ioye inouh
And euere riht widouten wouh,
Wit and kunning and kointise,
And trewe loue widou[t] feintise,
3050 Streinþe inouh and fairnesse,
And liht widoute þisternesse.
Þere sholen þeih noht ben agilt,
Al here wille shal ben fulfilt:
Hij sholen haue, mid iwisse,
3100 Fulle ioye and fulle blisse,
¶ Boþe þe pore and þe riche,
Ac, wete þu wel, noht alle iliche.
Euerich shal haue his woniȝ[i]ng
Riht after his owen deseruing;
3150 Ac lat hit noht come in þi þouht,
Þat any of hem shal wanten ouht,
For he þat haþ lest in þat woniing
Haþ fulle ioye ouer alle þing.
¶ Þerfore, man, in al þi miht,
3200 Þu loue wel God bi day and niht. {f.42ra} View Facsimile
¶ Þe inwardlichere þu louest him her,
Þe more shal ben þi ioye þer.
Herkne nu alle to me,
For I wole speken of charite.
3250 Off alle uertuȝ hit is hext,
And Godes wille hit is next.
ȝif þu wolt wite hu hit be,
Herkne and I wole telle þe.
¶ Hit is, loue God ouer alle þing,
3300 In þouht, in dede, and in speking.
And if þu wolt euere come þerto,
Anoþer þing þu most do:
Þu most loue, huso hit be,
Þin emcristene forþ wid þe.
3350 ¶ Man, woltou make a god prouing,
Wher þu loue þe heuene-king?
If þu louest God, ful iwis,
Þu [wolt] louen alle his.

Si non diligis proximum tuum, quem uides, deum quem non uides, quomodo potes diligere?

For men seiþ soþ, bi wit myne
3400 “Whoso loueþ me, he loueþ myne.”
But þu loue þe Cristene þat bi þe be,
Þat alday mait hem ise,
Hu maitou loue God I ne can deuise,
Whom þu miht sen on none wyse.
3450 ¶ Þis seiþ sein Powel and bereþ witnesse,
As he may wel in soþnesse. {f.42rb} View Facsimile
Abraham him sauh, ac þu nost hou.
nost: ms noht.
Herkne, I wole þe telle nowh.
¶ Þe fourme of þre children he mette;
3500 Þre he sauh, and as on he hem grette.
In tokne it was, I telle þe,
Off þe holi trinite.
¶ Holliche as on he grette hem þere
In tokne of o God þat hij were.
3550 Hu Moyses him sauh woltou here,
In fourme of a bush al on fire,
At þe mount of Synay bi olde dawe,
Þar God him ȝaf þe firste lawe?
¶ Al on fire þe bush was,
3600 And ibrent noþing it nas.
Þere shewede God his grete miht
And himself in þat ilke sihte.
¶ Þat bush bitokneþ vre leuedi,
Hire clene maidenhed witerli;
3650 For hit was euere iliche clene,
Mihtte hit noht be wemmed ene.
Hete of flesh ne mihte hire wemme,
No more þan þe bush mihte brenne.
And many anoþer him iseih
3700 And wid [him] spak þat was him neih –
¶ But noht alone in his godhede,
Ac imeind wid þe manhede;
For sikerliche I telle þe,
Man ne sauh neuere his deite
3750 ¶ Bodiliche on eorþe her, {f.42va} View Facsimile
He mihte noht, it is so cler.
And if þu wolt witen hou,
Herkne, I wole þe telle now;
For so heih a þing is þe godhede,
3800 Þerof to speke it is drede.
God is so clene and so cler a þing,
Þat heuene and erþe he ȝeueþ shining,
And sunne and mone and sterren breme,
Off him þeih han al here leme.
3850 ¶ Þu sext, man, wel aperteliche,
Þat þe sunne haþ brihtnesse muche,
And þouh he sitte so wonder heie,
Hit greueþ euere mannes eiȝe,
Inwardliche on hire to se
3900 For hire grete clerte.
Nu forsoþe I telle þe –
And sikerliche lef þu me –
Þat God, þat ȝaf þe sunne his liht,
Is swich an hundred [siþe] so briht.
3950 ¶ Man, mihte hit euere þanne be,
Þat bodilich eiȝe mihte him se
Here on eorþe, þe godhede?
Nay, noman mihte don þat dede;
Þat is preued and ishewed
4000 Boþe to lered and to lewed.
Þanne maitou þenke “Hu mai þis be?
Ne shal no man God ise?”
¶ ȝus, ȝus, bi my leaute.
Herkne, and I wole telle þe.
4050 ȝif þu wolt sen in þi siht
God of heuene, þat is so briht, – {f.42vb} View Facsimile
¶ Vnderstond nu what I mene –
Þu most ben of herte clene,
In word, in dede, and in þouht,
4100 Þat þu ne be ifiled noht;
For God self seide in soþnesse –
Þe godspel bereþ þerof witnesse

Beati mundo corde, quoniam ipsi deum uidebunt

Þis is to seie, I telle þe,
Þe clene of herte blessed þeih be,
4150 For at þe heie dom sikerliche
Þeih sholen se God aperteliche
In his godhede and in his blisse,
Off which þeih sholen neuere misse.
¶ Þanne sholen þeih here, herkne nouþe,
4200 A blisful word of Godes mouþe:

“Comeþ, mine blessede fere,
Þat my fader beþ leue and dere.
4250 Into my blisse ȝe sholen wende,
Þat lasteþ euere widouten ende,
And euere more þer to wone
Wid þe fader, and wid þe sone,
And wid þe holi gost in vniite,
4300 Þat is þe holi trinite.”
¶ And þe cursede gostes goþ anon,
Þat sholen ben dampned euerichon,
Þere hij sholen him sen also,
Ac al shal ben for here wo;
4350 For toward hem he wole turne
¶ Boþe wraþful and eke sterne,
And namlich to þat cumpaignye {f.43ra} View Facsimile
Þat slowen him þurw enuie,
And kene nailes driuen ek
4400 Þurw his honden and his fet,
¶ And þere þeih sholen se soþliche,
His grisli woundes openliche,
Þat þeih deden hemselue make.
For drede hij sholen þanne quake;
4450 Þanne wole God to hem seie
Wid sterne voiȝ and wid heie
“Corsede gostes, ȝe beþ me loþe.
Goþ anon, goþ nu, goþe
¶ Into þe stronge fyr of helle,
4500 Euere more þer to dwelle,
And brenne þer in hote fyr.
ȝe seruede non oþer her:
Merci is al fro ȝou gon,
For whij, on me hadde ȝe non.”
4550 He þat nele no merci haue
Off him þat doþ him merci craue,
He shal ben iuged, witerli,
Rihtfulliche widoute merci.
¶ Sein Daui[d] seiþ, if þu wolt loke
4600 In a vers of þe sauter boke

Spera in domino, et fac bonitatem.

“Hope to God, and do god,”
Riht so I hit vnderstod;
Ac ydel hope man mai habbe –
I sey þe soþ widouten gabbe –
4650 For alone to hope widoute goddede
¶ Is ydel hope, so God me rede.
Ac I ne seie noht forþi, {f.43rb} View Facsimile
Þouh man be charged, sikerli,
¶ Wid grete sinnes heuie and sore,
4700 He ne shal despeire neuere þe more,
Ac soþfast hope haue to winne
Godes merci of his sinne
Þurw shrifte of mouþe and repentaunce,
And redi þerfore to don penaunce.
4750 ¶ ȝif þu dost þus, bi day and niht,
Put al þin hope in God almiht,
And tristi hope to him þu haue,
Þat he þe wole helpe and saue.
Herkne what I wole seie nouþe,
4800 For hit com out of Godes mouþe: ,

Vbi te invenio, ibi te iudicabo

“Man, riht þere as I þe finde,
Riht þere I wole þe iuge and binde.”
Allas, what sholen hij þanne do,
Þat beþ ifounde in sorwe and wo,
4850 Þat wolde noht hemselue shriue,
While þeih mihte in here liue?
Þerfore, man, I warne þe:
Loke þat þu þe bise,
Þat þu be euere redi and ȝare
4900 Out of þis world for to fare;
For siker noman wite ne may,
Whanne shal ben his ending-day.
¶ Þerfore þenk ofte in drede
Off þis word þat God seide
4950 “Þere I þe finde, I wole þe binde.”
Lat ofte þat word ben in þi mynde.
¶ Man, if þu wolt þe world forsake, {f.43va} View Facsimile
And Ihesu Crist to þe take,
Þu most ben ofte in orisoun
5000 And in reding of lescȝoun.
Wid us God spekeþ whan we rede
Off him and of his goddede,
And we wid him, ful iwis,
Whan we him bisekeþ þat riht is.
5050 ¶ Holi writ is oure myrour,
In whom we sen al vre socour,
And if we hit wolen vnderstonde,
Þer we muwen sen and fonge,
To haue of God þe knowelache,
5100 Boþe in þouht and in speche.
¶ And, if þu wolt haue þe loue
Off God þat is in heuen aboue,
Þu most ben euere in god acord,
In pes and loue and hate descord,
5150 And ben aboute wid al þi miht,
To make pes bi day and niht;
¶ For Ihesu Crist hit seiþ ful wel,
As we hit finden in godspel

Beati pacifici, quoniam filii Dei uocabuntur

A soþ word hit is and no les
5200 “Iblessed be þat makeþ pes.”
Hij ouhten to ben honured alle,
For Godes children men shal hem calle.
¶ Man, if þu wolt to me herkny,
Nu I wole speken of merci.
5250 ¶ Soþliche, widoute fable, {f.43vb} View Facsimile
Man, þu most ben merciable.
On Ihesu Crist þenk witerli,
Hou he deiede for merci,
¶ And al for he wolde merci haue
5300 Off hem þat wolde merci craue;
For ar he deiede in flesh and bon,
Merci was þer neuere non.
¶ Bi þis ensaumple ȝe muwen se
Merciable for to be.
5350 ȝif þi neiheboure misdoþ þe,
More or lasse wheiþer hit be,
Or in dede, or in vbbreid,
Or wid word þe haþ misseid,
And he þerafter ofþinkeþ sore
5400 And þerof crieþ merci and ore,
Forȝif hit him for Godes loue,
Þat us alle sit aboue.
¶ And if þu wolt no merci haue
Off him þat doþ þe merci craue,
5450 Merci getestu neuere non
Off trespas þat þu hast idon;
For God it seiþ in his godspel –
Þere men may finde it ful wel –
¶ "Alswich met as þu metest me,
5500 Alswich I wole mete to þe.”

Nym god ȝeme, man, þu sist
In þi paternoster what þu bist

Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos etc.

5550 Þu seist "Swete lord, forȝiue þu me, {f.44ra} View Facsimile

Þat I haue gilt aȝeines þe,
Riht as I do alle þo,
Þat me hauen ouht misdo.”
¶ And þu þat art so cruwel in þouht
5600 And wolt to merci herkne noht,
What wole hit helpe in eny stede
Þe holi paternoster bede?
Noht, if I dar it seie,
For aȝein þiself þu dost preie,
5650 ¶ And þe holi bok of soþnesse
Þerof bereþ god witnesse
And seiþ "he þat wole no merci haue,
On ydel doþ he merci craue.”

In patientia vestra possidebitis animas vestras

Houre swete lord in his speche
5700 Hise deciples began to teche
And bad hem ben of god suffraunce
In alle manere destourbaunce.
¶ ȝif þu art sek in flesh and blod,
Þu most ben meke and þolemod
5750 And þenk þat God it þe sende,
Þi seli soule to amende.
¶ ȝif þu hast lore of þi catel,
Biþenk þe þanne swiþe wel,
Þat of þiself haddestu noht,
5800 But as hit was þurw God iwrouht;
And if God it wole from þe take,
Þu ne shalt þerfore no gruching make,
¶ Ac suffre al Godes wille,
Boþe lude and eke stille. {f.44rb} View Facsimile
5850 ¶ And ȝif þe falleþ trauail on honde,
Or pine of bodi, or shame in londe,
Off al þis þu most suffraunt be,
Þouh þe þinke hit greue þe.
Þenk hou Ihesu into erþe cam,
5900 And þolede pine and shame for man,
And foule was þerto misseid,
And many a skorn on him leid;
Widoute gruching he held him stille,
And þolede hit al wid milde wille,
5950 ¶ And al he dede for vre sake,
For we sholde ensaumple take
To be suffraunt in eueri stede,
Riht as vre lord himselue dede.
And ȝif a man þurw his power
6000 Doþ þe wrong on eorþe her,
Þenk in þin herte, I preie þe,
Off þe wrong and þe vilte,
Þat men to Ihesu Crist dede
Here on eorþe in many stede,
6050 ¶ And hou he þolede hit mildeliche,
Al ffor þi loue, sikerliche.
On ensaumple of him þu nim,
To suffre wrong for þe loue of him;
For I dar seie soþliche,
6100 He may be martyr, treweliche,
Widoute sheding of mannes blod,
Þat may ben here þolemod,
¶ To suffre wrong and vnriht
For þe loue of God almiht.
6150 Ac swich a fiht is vnmeþ, {f.44va} View Facsimile
For aȝen þe kinde hit geþ.
¶ Whij? for þe kinde of þi manhede
Wolde haue wreche of wrongful dede;
Ac of Ihesu tak þi minde,
6200 And fiht aȝein þin owen kinde,
And þu shalt haue for þi goddede
Off martyrdom þe heie mede.
Ac þu, fersse man, þat art so stout
And heih of mod and herte proud –
6250 He wole bowe for noþing
To man ne to heuene-king.
¶ And he þat wole him heinen here,
Þat nele be meke in none manere,
In litel while he shal hit knowe
6300 And falle þerfore swiþe lowe.

Qui se exaltat, humiliabitur, et qui se humiliat, exaltabitur.

Þe milde þurw his humilite
Ful heie honoured þeih sholen be;
For þeih sholen be drawen on heih
And wonye God swiþe neih.
6350 ¶ And pride, it is so foul a last,
Þat out of heuene he was cast.
Þu shalt wel wite þat I ne liȝe,
For Lucifer and his cumpaignye,

6400 ..... ..... ..... .....

Þurw þe pride þat hem gan folewe,
Þe pine of helle hem gan to swolewe,
¶ And so he wole don alle and some,
Þat in pride be inome.
6450 ..... ..... ..... .....

Cast hit awey, I wole þe rede, {f.44vb} View Facsimile
Er of strong pine þe may drede;
¶ For siker and þu be nomen þerinne,
6500 Heuene maitu neuere winne,
And oþer weye is þer non,
Bute to heuene or to helle gon.
Þanne do bi consail and bi red,
And ouercome þe foule qued,
6550 Þat fondeþ þe on vch a side,
Þe to holde in þi pride.
¶ Ac if þu kouþest knowe and se
Þe uertu of humilite,
For noþing þu noldest shone,
6600 Ac hit sholde euere wid þe wone.
Off alle uertuȝ it is hext,
And Godes wille it is next.
Sein Gregory bereþ þerof witnes,
Þat muchel spekeþ of soþnes:

Qui sine humilitate uirtutes ceteras congregat, est quasi, qui in vento puluerem portat.

6650 Man, þou[h] þu do muchel god,

But þou be meke and þolemod,
Sein Gregory seiþ, þat holi clerk,
Þat muchel on ydel is þat werk.
Hit fareþ bi swiche, as we finde,
6700 As whoso bereþ poudre in grete winde;
For bere he neuere so muche,
Hit fleþ awey ful lihtliche.
Off man hit fareþ riht so, {f.45ra} View Facsimile
For gode dedes þouh he do,
6750 Many and fele in vch a side,
Þer may non wid him abide;
Bute he haue humilite,
Awey þeih wolen fro him fle.
¶ A god þing is humilite.
6800 Off him comeþ verray charite,
And penaunce, and eke shrift –
Þis is of god a wel fair ȝift –
And of him forȝifnesse of sinne.
Wel is him þat hit may winne.
6850 ¶ Whoso is aferd of his trespaȝ,
He shal haue comfort and solaȝ
Off þe holi gost, witerli,
Þat wole þi soule comforti
And make men haue, mid iwisse,
6900 Tristi hope to heuene-blisse.
Sein Daui[d] þerof spak and seide
In þe sauter as men rede

Secundum multitudinem dolorum meorum in corde meo, consolationes tuae letificauerunt animam meam.

Þe more man douteþ here sinne,
Þe: MS So.
Þe more ioye he shal winne;
6950 For whoso haþ of his sinne drede
And nel noht don þat foule dede,
Hit semeþ þat he haþ trewe loue
To Ihesu Crist þat is aboue.
¶ O þing is comen in my þout,
7000 To shewe hit wole I spare noht.
¶ ȝif any þat is in holy lyf, {f.45rb} View Facsimile
Man, maiden, oþer wif,
In any time þurw any cas,
Doþ a litel trespas,
7050 Þat be aȝein Godes wille,
Oþer loud oþer stille,
He wole haue more sorwe and drede
For þat litel sinful dede,
Þan many on wole in eny stounde,
7100 Þat lyþ in dedli sinne bounde.
ȝif ȝe wolen wite herof þe skile,
Herkne, and I ȝou telle wole:
Þat man þat lyþ in dedli sinne,
And to singy wole noht blinne,
7150 ¶ Gostli wit he haþ ilore.
Whi I wole telle [and] wharfore;
For gostli siht, witerliche
Man, is þi resoun, sikerliche,
Wherþur[w] þu miht in þi mod
7200 Knowe boþe yuel and god,
And shed to make in eueri dede
Bitwene soþnesse and falshede.
¶ And whan mannes soule, ful iwis,
Þurw dedli sinne ifiled is,
7250 His knowelaching is al gon;
For wit ne siht haþ he(re) non,
Wherfore þe sinful man
Noþer he ne may ne he ne can
His owen stat riht ise,
7300 ¶ Ne knowe in what lyf he be
For þisternesse, þat he is inne {f.45va} View Facsimile
Þurw þe filþe of dedli sinne.
¶ Ac he þat liueþ in holy lyf,
Man, mayden, oþer wyf,
7350 And serueþ God on eorþe her,
His gostli siht is swiþe cler;
For þerwid he may knowe and se –
In what lyf þat he be –
God and yuel, lasse and more,
7400 Al he knoweþ þurw Godes lore;
¶ For widinne him is God almiht
And ȝeueþ him grace of gostly siht
To sen and knowe in his mod
Þe longe lyff þat is so god,
7450 And þe drede of domesday,
And þe pine þat lasteþ ay,
Wherþurw hij sholen þe more drede
And flen sinne in al here dede.
¶ Here ȝe muwen se þe wrong
7500 And knowe, wheron hit is long,
hit: MS his
Þat sinful man may noht se
Hise giltes, þou[h] þeih grete be.
¶ Listneþ nouþe to my speche,
And of nedful þing I wole ȝou teche.
7550 Off holi churche it is þe lore
Þat spekeþ to alle, lasse and more,
And seiþ "man, while þu miht liue,
Loke þat þu be ofte shriue.”
¶ Anon so þu hast sinne wrouht,
7600 While it is newe in þi (þi) þouht,
Anon to shrifte þat þu gange,
Ne dwelle þu noht þerwid to longe; {f.45vb} View Facsimile
For if þu dost þu miht wel wite,
Þat sumwhat shal be forȝete,
7650 Wherþurw þu miht be blamed,
And at þe dom sore ashamed.
¶ Þerfore, man, while þu miht liue,
Loke þat þu be ofte shriue,
Wid sorwe of herte and repentaunce,
7700 And of þe prest tak þi penaunce.
Þis is a riche medicine;
Hit shildeþ man fro helle pine.
A betre þing was neuere founde,
For hit may hele dedli wounde,
7750 And whoso euere wole hit craue,
Widouten cost he may hit haue.
¶ Man, ne lat hit for no shame,
Last þu falle þerfore in blame.
If þu nilt for shame [shewe] hit her,
7800 Hit shal ben shewed elleswher
elleswher: MS ellerwher.
To alle þe shaftes þat euere were,
And alle þeih sholen sen and here.

Nihil absconditum, quod non scietur, nec occultum, quod non reueletur,

And þerof þu shalt haue shame
And þerto wel muche blame.
7850 Tweye manere shame men fint in boke,
Whoso wole þerafter loke:
Þat on goþ to dampnacioun;
Þat oþer to sauuacioun.
¶ ȝif ȝe wole wite hou hit be,
7900 Sitteþ stille and herkneþ me.
¶ Man, þouh þu haue sinne wrouht {f.46ra} View Facsimile
In word, in dede, and in þouht,
If þu art þiself þerof ashamed,
And at þin herte sore agramed,
7950 ¶ And ne sparest for shame ne for eiȝe,
Þat þu hit nilt in shrifte seie,
Off God þu miht wel lihtliche
Forȝifnesse haue sikerliche.
Þis ilke shame, be my croun,
8000 Draweþ al to sauuacioun.
¶ Þat oþer shame so is þis:
ȝif a man haþ don amis
And foule sinnes haþ iwrouht,
sinnes: MS sinneþ
And wole for shame shewe hem noht
8050 In his shrifte to þe prest,
He wraþþeþ sore Ihesu Crist.
Forȝifnes, iwis, ne tit him neuere,
But in helle to brennen euere.
¶ Whi artu more ashamed to speke
8100 A word þan Godes heste to breke?
Þis is foule wicked shame,
Þat bringeþ sinful man in blame.
Þe lore þat comeþ out of Godes mouþ,
To alle men hit sholde be couþ

Lauamini, et mundi estote

8150 Ihesu spak and seide ene

“Wassheþ ou, and beþ clene.”
Kindeliche ofte men seþ,
Wid water men wassheþ þat foule beþ,
¶ And hot water, be þu bold,
8200 Makeþ clannere þan doþ cold.
Al þis I seie sikerliche, {f.46rb} View Facsimile
For to speken openliche,
¶ What hit is for to mene
“Wassheþ ou, and beþ clene.”
8250 Summe wassheþ, ac noht ariht,
For þe clannere beþ hij nowiht.
Þe hote teres of mannes eiȝe
Makeþ clannere þan any liȝe.
Many on wepeþ for his misdede,
8300 Ac to do sinne noht hij ne drede.
¶ He weneþ wasshe him wid þat water
And he is foul neuere þe later.
Whij? For ȝit wole he noht sinne fle,
Iwis, vnclene he shal be.
8350 Ac anoþer manere wasshing
Makeþ clene of alle þing.
Man, þouh þou haue sinne don,
Lodlich and foule many on,
¶ ȝif þu hast wille to leue þi sinne,
8400 Þat þu no more ne come þerinne,
Of þin eiȝen þe hote teres,
Þat goþ adoun bi þine leres,
Hij wolen make god acord
Bitwene þi soule and oure lord
8450 And make þe clene of þi sinne,
Wherþurw þu miht heuene winne.
¶ Nu ȝe muwe witen what it is to mene
“Wassheþ ou, and beþ clene;”
Ac he þat wole clene be,
8500 Certes sinne he mot fle.
Certes sinne: MS Certes sinne sum what.
¶ Wole ȝe here ȝit eft sone
Off þing þat nedful is to done; {f.46va} View Facsimile
Hit is Godes owen lore,
Þat spekeþ to alle, lasse and more

Ambulate, dum lucem habetis, ne tenebre vos comprehendant.

8550 “Go, man, while þat þu hast liht,

Lest þe oftake þe derke niht.”
Þi lyf, man, is cleped liht,
And þi deþ þe derke niht.
While þu art on liue þu miht worche
8600 Godes werkes of holi churche,
And certes whan þat þu art ded,
Þanne maitou don noþer god ne qued.
¶ Þerfore, man, I warne þe,
While þu miht gon and se,
8650 In gode weyes sped þe faste.
Lef, þe niht þe wole agaste,
And sikerliche widoute nay,
At þi deijng shal ben þi domesday,
For þere shal ben irekened al
8700 Þat euere di[d]stu, gret and smal.
Þere þu shalt knowe and se
God or yuel wheiþer it be,
And þanne, par aunter, wo[lde]stu fain
Biginne to worche and turne aȝein;
8750 ¶ Ac certes þu ne shalt noht so,
Ac riht after þat þu hast do,
Þu shalt fonge verreement
Þare þi rihte iugement.

Et ideo ambulate, dum lucem habetis. {f.46vb} View Facsimile

And þerþur .....
Deþ is gilour swiþe strong
8800 And gileþ many on euere among;
Þerfore worch while þu mait,
For sodeyneliche þu miht be caiht

Initium sapientie, timor domini:

“Drede of God in alle þing
Off wisdom is þe biginning;”
8850 And many hauen of God drede,
Ac noht for loue of his godhede,
But last þeih sholde for here gilt
Into strong pine ben ipult.
¶ Hit fareþ bi swiche, I vnderstonde,
8900 As hit doþ here bi þe bonde.
Þe bonde nele noþer loude ne stille
Don noht aȝein his lordes wille –
Ac þat nis for loue ne for acord –
Þat he haþ toward his lord,
8950 For if he dede he wot wel,
He sholde lese of his catel;
And ȝit hit fareþ bi man also,
Þat spareþ more sinne to do
do: MS go.
For þe doute of gret pining,
9000 Þan for þe loue of heuen-king.
¶ It is noht euel so to biginne,
For drede of pine to late þi sinne,
For sone after he may kacche grace
To biþenke him on Godes face,
9050 Hu murie hit were to haue þe siht {f.47ra} View Facsimile
Off Godes face þat is so briht.
¶ And so he shal casten his loue
To Ihesu Crist þat is aboue
And leten and flen sinful dede,
9100 Boþe for loue and eke for drede.
Ac whoso wole don be my lore,
Iwis, he shal spare more,
To flen sinne day and niht,
For drede to lese þat faire siht
9150 ¶ Off Godes face þat is so cler,
Off whom we han al oure power,
Þan for drede of any wo,
Þat any þing mihte hem do.
¶ Leue frend, herkne to me,
9200 And more I wole speke to þe;
For in þe godspel I wole rede
Off þe uertu of almesdede.
Þin almesse þu shalt forþ puite,
And spare hit noht þouh hit be luite.
9250 ..... ..... ..... .....

God seiþ þus in his lore
“Man, if þu miht ȝeue no more
¶ But a dishful of cold water,
9300 Þu shalt hit ȝeue neuere þe later
Wid gode wille and wid charite,
And ful wel it worþ ȝolden þe." {f.47rb} View Facsimile
And whan þu shalt haue þank and mede
For so litel an almesdede,
9350 ¶ Siker maitou þanne be,
If þu ȝeuest muche in charite
To God þu miht þe betre spede,
And þe more shal ben þi mede.
Enes I it vnderstod,
9400 Þat in almesdede is double god:
¶ It fordoþ sinne, wite it wel,
And hit wole eche þi catel.
And if þu art herof in drede,
Hu hit mihte so be in dede,
9450 A god witnesse I wole drawe,
On ensaumple of þe olde lawe.
¶ Holi writ þat wole noht liȝe
Spekeþ of þe profete Eliȝe,
Hou Ihesu Crist, houre lord swete,
9500 Spak to Eliȝe þe profete.
To a pore widewe he him sende,
Here beyþere lyf to amende.
He seide "Eliȝe, þu shalt fare
Into Sarepte and wone þare.
9550 ¶ Þer is a widewe þat shal þe fede,
And I wole ȝelde wel hire mede.”
¶ Þe profete Helie began anon {f.47va} View Facsimile
Forþ in his weie for to gon.
At þe ȝate of þe cite þe widewe he mette
9600 And faire anon he hire grette.
He bad hire for Godes loue,
Þat us alle sit aboue,
A disful water she sholde him ȝiue,
For to helpen him to liue.
9650 ¶ Þe widewe seide she wolde fain,
And to serue him she turne aȝen.
After hire he gan to crie,
And bad hire þat she sholde hie.
“Do" he seide "be my red,
9700 Bring me wid þe a shiue bred.”
Þe widewe him answere[de] anon
“Siker" she seide "bred haue I non,
Ne noht þat I mihte þe ȝiue
For to helpe þe to liue
9750 ¶ But an handful mele in o picher
And a litel oyle, þat is cler,
Þat I mot make of mete here
To me and to my children ifere;
And seþþe we moten deie in sore,
9800 For mete haue we no more.”
¶ Þe profete hire answerede þo
“Abid" he seide "er þu go. {f.47vb} View Facsimile
First þerof mak me mete,
And whan þat I hit haue i-ete,
9850 Off þat bileueþ þu shalt make
For þe and for þi children sake.”
¶ Þis seli widewe þo wel sone
Grauntede wel al his bone.
For his loue þat him þider sende,
9900 Hire litel mete she wolde spende.
Þo þe profete þis iseih
His eiȝen he kest to God on heih,
To him he made an orysoun,
And anon God putte his fuisoun
9950 Vpon hire mele in hire picher
And on hire oyle, þat is cler.
¶ Þo seide anon þe profete
To þe widewe wordes swete
“Ne dred þe noht, womman, in þi þouht
1000 Þi mele ne shal wante noht,
And þin oyle shal waxen sikerli;
Þi lome shal noht ben empti.”
¶ Gret plente hadde þe widewe þo,
While she liuede euere mo.
1005 Now þu miht knowe in þi mod,
Þat in almesse dede is double god.
Almesdede for ..... {f.48r} View Facsimile
And þerþur .....
And þi god .....
1010 So seiþ þe bo .....
¶ Þe godspel se .....
ȝif and men s.....
In anoþer stede .....
Þat God self se .....
1015 Al þat þu dost .....
To þe leste of .....
Riht to my se .....
Þu dost þi prese .....
¶ Glad maitou .....
1020 Also ofte as þ.....
For þu miht .....
Þu takest hit .....
For Godes .....
Þerof bereþ .....
1025 A man man b.....
Ihu Crist for to .....
For þerwid þu .....
And heuene .....
To þat blisse .....
1030 þat is king .....
¶ And ȝeue us .....