The Auchinleck Manuscript*
King Richard f326 f39
National Library of Scotland -

The Auchinleck Manuscript (NLS Adv MS 19.2.1) is one of the National Library of Scotland’s greatest treasures. Produced in London in the 1330s, it provides a unique insight into the English language and literature that Chaucer and his generation grew up with and were influenced by. It acquired its name from its first known owner, Lord Auchinleck, who discovered the manuscript in 1740 and donated it to the precursor of the National Library in 1744.

Among the features offered by this site are:

  • A full transcription of the manuscript with sophisticated search facilities.
  • A digital facsimile of the entire manuscript.
  • Background information on the origins and importance of the manuscript.

This edition was co-edited by Professor David Burnley and Dr Alison Wiggins